Management And Interpersonal Solutions

Your partner in promoting an intentional, harmonious and resilient workplace.

Guiding Principles

The premise behind everything we do is that a positive culture makes good business sense. We know that employees who are engaged develop collaborative relationships with their colleagues which stimulates creativity and higher productivity.

Much of our work is about the alignment of people and goals, and the promotion of a connected, harmonious, and intentional workplace. We believe that improved awareness is the key to a more conscious creation of culture and a work environment that facilitates employee engagement with organizational strategy and priorities.

MAIS’ motif pays tribute to the owl’s remarkable ability to see and hear, and recognizes the quiet power in knowledge and perspective. We offer 3rd party expertise, practical advice and support, and a sage presence to help you and your team gain insight and cultivate resilience.

The Evolution of MAIS

Who We Serve

MAIS serves client organizations across Canada, primarily in Ontario. We cater to small-to-medium size business, public or quasi-public, professional associations and not-for-profit organizations.


What Our Clients Say