Workplace Investigations

What We Offer:

3rd Party Expertise

MAIS is regularly called upon to conduct workplace investigations on behalf of employers, primarily involving complaints of inappropriate behaviour, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination.

Responsive to

The employer may receive a formal or informal complaint, or they may become aware of an incident. We are committed to helping employers be responsive in addressing behaviours which may be offside their respectful workplace policy and/or the governing legislation. MAIS is often consulted on the handling of informal complaints and is regularly retained to conduct third-party investigations.

Practical Advice

We often hear from employers who are unsure as to the need for a formal process to respond to concerns that have been raised. We are available to discuss the situation and possible options, and we may refer an employer to their counsel, if there are potential legal issues or pending litigation.

Tried and True Process

We have an established process which is customized to suit the specific circumstances. Our approach follows best practice to ensure procedural fairness to all parties and adherence to legislative requirements. Private interviews are conducted with the parties and individuals identified as having relevant information, knowledge or belief. Confidential written statements are obtained and verified with the parties and participants, and they are held in MAIS’ records.

Credible Reports

The client is provided with a detailed report as well as a summary of findings and conclusions to assist in advising the parties.


We aim to understand the underlying causes of conflict that led to the complaint, and we offer recommendations for management’s consideration to assist the organization in moving forward.

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