Leadership Coaching

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Our Premise

A positive culture makes good business sense. It is costly for employers to find and develop good people, and there is a huge cost to losing people. Strategies that promote high retention rates pay off. We know that employees who are engaged develop collaborative relationships with their colleagues which stimulates creativity and higher productivity.

Clarified Goals

We coach leaders, partnering with them through a process of exploration and discovery, aimed at fulfilling their agenda. If there is a corporate sponsor involved, we establish mutual goals and determine how progress will be reported back to them. Beyond that, the subject matter is defined in sessions with the individual coachee.

Customized Focus

Our work together may be about a leader preparing for a new leadership role or developing their approach, coaching their own team members, building self-awareness, adaptability, resilience, or they may wish to enhance their leadership presence and impact. In some cases, there may be specific performance goals and targets to be addressed. The focus of the coaching effort is specific to the individual and based on the needs of the client, and we explore and define that during the first few sessions.


Private coaching conversations are critical to building a trusting partnership. While we arrange an appropriate feedback loop, we do not share the contents of sessions with the sponsor.


Our approach is to support individuals in building on their strengths, by promoting self-awareness, reflection, and intentional decision-making. Our methods are based on the principles of positive psychology, recent studies of resilience, and applied concepts from the field of neuroscience. We follow the professional standards and code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation.


For new clients, we typically propose a 12-session program delivered over a period of 3 months with hourly sessions each week. Research has shown that this level of commitment is required to achieve lasting impact. Coaching work tends to be about unconscious thinking or habits, and regular sessions provide an opportunity to monitor how that presents.

Regular Check-ins

Whatever it is a client wants to change, the idea is to stay on top of what comes up for them between sessions. That helps us to zero in together on what is working, and what is not, and to shift gears accordingly. Our regular check-ins help the coachee to stay accountable to their goals.

Research shows that regular check-ins with a coach reinforce progress and considerably increase the odds of attaining goals.

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